Positive Impacts for All Stakeholders

Serving All Stakeholders

Slow Forest's coffee benefits all organization stakeholders by catering to diverse sustainability interests

Slow Forest is relevant for everyone in the organisation, from the CEO to every employee. It is an easy, tangible ESG project that can serve as a great start to every morning or meeting.

Slow Forest unites your organisation wide ESG interests, brewing a united front in advancing sustainability. It is coffee with a purpose for each organisation function.

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Need to share your progress on your sustainable goals? Learn how Slow Forest nature-positive office coffee can offer an easy and tangible project that you can report alongside your profit-and-loss statements.

Sebastian, Alex and Slow Laos Team

Sustainability Manager

Slow Forest provides nature-positive coffee that helps businesses achieve real impact with simple projects, making them visible spearheads in the transformation journey.

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With Slow Forest, your procurement teams can get ahead of the curve in supporting the green transformation. We help you balance cost and sustainability confidently, and mitigate supply chain risk.


Story 3 - Safeguarding Ecological Diversity for a Thriving Planet

Facility Manager

Ensure your operations are sustainable and elevate your facility's performance in line with your company's sustainability goals. Your organization deserves to have great coffee experiences that are integrated into the future green workspace.

Slow Farmers Stabilizing income

Talent Management

Attract and keep the best talent. Many candidates want to work for companies that incorporates sustainability into its culture.

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Marketing & Communications

Craft fresh, compelling messages with your coffee choices. Slow Forest's bean-to-cup journey helps organizations define a clear narrative and set a new brand strategy. Our coffee is more than just a beverage. It is a way to communicate your values and build a stronger brand.

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Finance & Reporting

Your coffee consumption may not be material, but we still provide plenty of value and inspiration for your overall reporting needs. Especially in light of the CSRD, we help you consider the environmental impact of coffee production throughout the value chain.

Coffee Beans Roasting by Slow

We work in partnership with forward-thinking companies


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