At Slow Forest, we work to get farmers a fair price and make sure that the coffee industry benefits the wider community









Slow Forest is the only coffee company that is embedded with farmers, working alongside them to build better lives and provide them with the tools and resources they need to achieve their goals.

We offer fair prices, share the risk of crop failures, and teach them how to improve their farming practices. We also provide them with essential equipment, so they can be self-sufficient. This helps farmers earn more, strengthen their communities, and protect the environment.

We are proud of our work with farmers, and we are committed to helping them thrive. We believe that when farmers do well, everyone does well.

As the climate warms, Arabica which accounts for nearly 70% of the coffee production is taking a hedge due to high sensitivity to climate change. Farmers will have to move to higher altitudes to find cooler weather. This will lead to a decline in yield, as higher altitudes are not as conducive to coffee production. In the worst-case scenario, farmers may lose the ability to produce certain types of coffee, which could lead to their extinction.

Together, we can work towards sustainable solutions that protect both farmer's livelihoods, and a more stable climate for the planet.

Principle 1

On-the-ground presence

Slow Forest goes beyond sourcing trips to continuously support farmers in Laos with a team of 30+ experts in coffee-growing, community engagement, and forestry. We build genuine relationships, face challenges locally, ensure transparency, and take pride in our commitment to positive impact. 

Slow farmers on the ground presence
Principle 2

Focus on big volume, at a decent price, to truly increase income

Typical Slow Forest farmers grow 10% Typica coffee and 90% Catimor coffee. To address income challenges, Slow Forest purchases all types of coffee at a fair price, not just top-tier beans. Slow Forest's inclusive approach recognizes that most farmers don't grow high-quality coffee exclusively, and most consumers can't afford it.

Slow Farmers Focus on big volume, at a decent price, to truly increase income
Principle 3

Stabilising income 

Slow Forest is working to stabilise coffee prices for farmers, ensuring a fair return for their produce. We guarantee a fixed minimum price, compatible with Fairtrade standards, and assists farmers in obtaining organic certification from the European Union, which can lead to higher coffee prices. We also stabilise prices for farmers in the face of rising costs, fluctuating prices and extreme weather events, prepaying farmers with upfront 40% of the harvest to ensure a stable income.

Slow Farmers Stabilizing income
Principle 4

Diversifying income

Slow Forest farmers are heavily reliant on coffee for income, which exposes them to risk. Slow Forest is reducing risk by diversifying farmers' product range with fruit trees and honey. This will increase income per hectare. We are also working with partners to find additional buyers for farmers' green beans.

Slow Farmers Diversifying income
Principle 5

Each Slow Forest farmer is a micro-entrepreneur

Slow Forest farmers have their own micro wet-milling units, fermentation tanks, and drying tables. This allows them to process their coffee individually, adding value and fostering ownership. Each Slow Forest farmer has a direct contract with us, ensuring transparency and secure payments. This unique approach allows us to trace each bag of coffee back to its specific farmer, promoting accountability and connection.

Each Slow farmer is a micro-entrepreneur

Your coffee break support the livelihoods of the farmers and communities who bring it to you.

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