We offer our coffee as whole beans or ground for filtered coffee and espresso

SLOW 1kg Bag - Light


Bright & Acidic

Plum | Red Currant

SLOW 1kg Bag - Medium Roast


Soft & Balanced

Dark Chocolate | Raisins | Fruit Toffee

SLOW 1kg Bag – Dark Roast

Signature Bold

Strong & Full-Bodied

Cocoa | Licorice

SLOW 1kg Bag – Extra Dark Roast


Bold & Full-Bodied

Dark Chocolate | Rye | Hops 

Our coffee feels as good for your conscience as it tastes on your taste buds. It's a solid choice that suits every palate, whether you hew more towards Italian-style chocolatey roasts or prefer something more fruity to enjoy black.

Consistently scoring above 80 in cuppings, Slow Forest Coffee is roasted in small batches to guarantee exceptional flavor.

Mastercrafted by Roast Master Michael de Renouard, a coffee industry legend whose roast profiles have set the gold standard for discerning coffee aficionados worldwide, our signature blends are a testament to his unparalleled expertise and unwavering passion for the perfect cup. That's why we're confident that you will receive the perfect blend for your coffee subscription, serve you exactly what you're thirsting for every month.

If you want to work with us and taste our coffee, please contact us and together we will look the possibilities while enjoying a cup of coffee. Stay buzzing!

Slow Sales Team in Coffee and Tea event at Paksong

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