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Inspire your audience with the tale of Slow Forest and our impact

Sustainable change is the global wave across events, seminars, and conferences. And, everyone is searching for that little extra.

Look no further if you need an inspiring keynote, a great case study, or a sustainability deep dive. As a frontrunner and pioneer in making coffee and chocolate production and consumption a positive driver for planetary change, Slow Forest is often invited on stage to inspire, educate, and captivate audiences across the globe. We have much to share, and if you are looking beyond the topics below, we are always up for the challenge.

  • Regenerative agroforestry as the foundation for change
  • Balancing impact across climate, biodiversity, livelihood
  • Disrupting an existing value chain toward sustainable principles
  • Coffee and chocolate as drivers for a sustainable future
  • Deep dives on biodiversity, climate, SBTi, social impact

Whether your audience is C-level, sustainability professionals, or other corporate functions looking for a dose of inspiration on a sustainable future, Slow Forest has something interesting to bring to the stage. Reach out today and start the dialog - we are ready to enrich your agenda with a cup of ingenuity.

Sebastian Nielsen - CEO Slow

Sebastian Nielsen

Chief Executive Officer

Sebastian is a seasoned keynote speaker on all things Slow Forest, from high-end perspectives to in-depth sustainability topics. He's traveled all over Europe and the Americas and is available for bookings in Asia-Pacific as well.

Sabrina Mustopo - COO Slow

Sabrina Mustopo

Chief Operation Officer

Sabrina, the head of Slow Forest's impact team, is your go-to for hands-on stories from the forests, as well as deep dives into climate, biodiversity, and social impact in Asia-Pacific.

Alexander Stig Nielsen

Alexander Nielsen


Alexander mostly covers the Nordics, especially with the Slow Forest journey from the very beginning of working with reassembling the coffee value chain and optimizing towards sustainable principles.

Marc Munk Simonsen-Slow

Marc Munk Simonsen

Head of Coffee

Marc, our proud coffee nerd, takes you on a tour from crop to cup, covering coffee growing and production, roasts, flavors, and notes. He has educated baristas globally and holds a board seat in Speciality Coffee Association Denmark.

How can you make your coffee consumption more climate friendly?

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